Kutnia is an exciting lifestyle brand with many timeless and affordable luxury items in its womenswear, homeware and accessories collections.

Supporting the slow fashion notion, Kutnia collections contain premium quality unique design pieces which you can treasure a life time.

The vibrant and affluent city of
Gaziantep, home to Kutnia, has been an important trading hub in the Silk Road for centuries.

Gaziantep developed its differentiating and unique weaving techniques,
as early as 16th century, adding more value to the precious Kutnu; a semi-silk fabric with colourful silk warps and cotton wefts.


With a vision to bridge the past and present through
careful research and study of ages old manufacturing tradition of Gaziantep,
Kutnia’s journey started in 2017. 

Pouring our minds and hearts into Kutnia project, we managed to turn this imperilled heritage fabric into a luxurious and versatile material whilst keeping its traditional DNA intact. 
Using the inspiration from this newly improved authentic material and its homeland, our passionate design team have created a wide range of exclusive
products for our customers to cherish every day.

Today, we are a successful
upmarket lifestyle brand, sold over multiple countries. Proudly inducing luxury,
style and fun to many wardrobes and households across the world.

Julide Konukoglu, the visionary
founder of Kutnia, met Kutnu fabric when leading a local government committee established to preserve the ancient craft of Kutnu weaving.

She quickly noticed that an entrepreneur from private sector would need to invest in Kutnu fabric to upgrade it to an elegant and natural fabric for use in modern manufacturing whilst keeping its authenticity intact.

Bravely venturing into creating the brand Kutnia, Julide and her team managed to achieve their goal of introducing Kutnu to a global audience through international collaboration projects within a few years.

Today, Kutnia has become a successful lifestyle brand born in Gaziantep, with a vision to achieve cultural sustainability through providing job opportunities locally in a guild like working environment, where the apprentice learns the intricate details of this centuries old weaving craft from the master.

Julide and her team aspire to elevate Kutnia to new levels and grow it into a deeply rooted internationally acknowledged success story.

By cleverly adapting this traditional fabric for modern uses, the Kutnia brand has become a roaring success.

— Forbes